About Alessio

“Art critic Brian Sherwin commented on paintings created by artist Alessio Radice, stating, “The art of Alessio Radice exposes psychological wounds. In Alessio’s work, we see a range of raw emotions come into visual play – some of these portraits convey a sense of defeated innocence… while others appear to be strikingly sinister.” Sherwin added, “Alessio teases us with a psychological feast – an open-narrative that permits viewers to explore their own identity while looking upon his emotionally raw portraits.”

“Alessio Radice’s paintings captures the essence of its subjects in a turbulence of colors with minimal strokes, which are strategically placed to bring the spectator where he wants them to be. His oil paintings are precise without any doubts. We remember each paintings indefinitely. It is probably this complicity with the spectator that carves a place in our memory. He borrows from the viewer’s own experience to fill-in the blanks and keeps the door open where necessary.
A myriad of expressions come out of his work: oblivion, envy, determination, questioning, revolt, brutality, pain and lust.

Philippe Colbert”



  • 1991 – 1996 Industrial Engineer with specialization in technical drawing
  • 2009 – 2012 Davide Avogadro, Atelier of the Arts, Vigevano (Italy)
    Courses in Head Drawing, Figure Drawing, Quick Sketch, Portrait in Oil, Anatomy, Facial Expressions, Perspective, Composition, Painting techniques
  • 2012  Workshop with Steve Huston 

Teaching Experience

  • 2012 – Present Davide Avogadro, Atelier of the Arts, Vigevano (Italy)
    Courses Taught: Portrait Drawing, Portrait Painting, Drawing and Painting from Photographs, Oil Painting Essentials


  • Private collections in Europe, UK, US, Canada and Australia

Web recognition

Press 2013/2014

Solo Exhibitions

“Volti???, presso lo spazio Rocco Scotellaro, Vigevano (PV)

Group Exhibitions

– Figure. Circolo B. Brecht, Milano
– Collettiva Officine Roncalli, Vigevano
– Arte in Arti e Mestieri, Suzzara
– Studio10, Vercelli
– C.L.A., Milano

– Mostra d’arte | Cannara
– Extempore, Novara
– Rassegna arte contemporanea, Ponzano Veneto
– Esposizione Avogadro, Vigevano
– Fuori Stagione, Milano

– CreativaMente, Corsico
– Bloom di Mezzago, Milano

– Officine Roncalli, Vigevano

– Arte in Crema, Robecco d’Oglio
– Esposizione allo Spazio Rocco Scotellaro, Vigevano

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